Twin Sister, we barely knew ye.

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O Twin Sister, we barely knew ye. Largely because we never listened to you. Until that one day we couldn't click through a blog without stumbling over a new delicate mp3 you'd recorded.

What to say to a Twin Sister? There are so many of you in your band, perhaps it's refreshing that you are all using your hands to make such delicate music? And that you do not all feel the need to start playing at the beginning of all of your delicate songs at once, allowing instead those very pleasant ambient moments. But then the guitars land. All aboard, pop rock express:

Twin Sister, “The Other Side of Your Face”

Twin Sister, “I Want A House”

Speaking of houses. I knew there was some innocuous strain of indie beat that was making me wish the Postal Service had never been anything other than the government system of delivering me steak in the mail. Serious questions to follow: Who qualifies structured pop songs as ambient? Why? Because they are played softly? Because they go good with washing your oven?

If you're having a hard time grappling with these question marks, there's an important piece of this jigsaw that you may already have snapped in yourself: Some of these tracks were produced by Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor!

Like this one!

Twin Sister, “Castles in the Snow” Twin Shadow, “Castles in the Snow”


All this and more. Groove to the magic of Twin Sister. One of these tracks will get stuck in your head.

Twin Sister, “Milk Honey”

Twin Sister, “All Around and Away We Go”

Twin Sister, “Meet the Frownies”

Hopefully this one:

Twin Sister, “Ribbon Bow”

Au revoir, pop kids. Be forewarned: There will be others like you!

UPDATE: Some of you have noticed that there are two indie Twins in our midst.
(FOUR separate Twins!?) Good job! I certainly did not! In fact, I had
prepared an upcoming post about how We Barely Knew Ye, Twin Shadow, but I
have bested myself and there's no longer a need, for both innocuous
indies (ambient indie Twin, dance indie Twin) have crept into the same
post, unwitting me, but not you, non-careless, delicate readers!