Super buffet now with super music

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Todd P has announced a smorgasbord of a show on January 28th, featuring Real Estate, Black Dice, The Babies, as well as DJ sets by Dog Leather + OneOhTrix Point Never and Ducktails. The sunny tunes of Real Estate and The Babies mixed with the noisy electronic music of Black Dice and Dog Leather is a notable example of stunt booking, but so is the unique location for this event. The K & K Super Buffet in Ridgewood, Queens is a venue that presents some real possibilites, not all musical. Its hard to imagine Real Estate transcending the surroundings of a jumbo chinese restaurant, but Black Dice just might be able to do it.

The description of the show on Todd P's website indicates that the all-you-can-eat buffet will not be up and running during the concert. However, looking at K & K's menu, the hours of operation indicate that the tables and tables of steaming, possibly soggy Chinese food should be available until 11:30 pm. Whatever the truth may be, I say do not take your chances. If you decide you are going to spend your night at K & K Super Buffet hyper-jamming on Black Dice's googly-eyed vibes, why not spend your day there too, stuffing your face with all the dumplings and crab legs you want before being treated to some delectable tunes.

Tickets for the show will be availible online soon are available now here.

Black Dice, “Pigs”

The Babies – Trouble by New Images