Tennis, we barely knew ye

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Being a latte-sippin' New York commie, I like my retro pop to retain some semblance of progress. If you want to play music that sounds like Ritchie Valens at least make it seem like the Mexican is being covered by Tom Verlaine on an Afghan truck of heroin.

These Tennis folks run the opposite direction, though. Sure, you might be thinking, “Don't over-intellectualize it, effete urbanite! Go buy a croissant and stick it up your Arc de Triomphe! Tennis are just musicians makin' sweet simple music!” But no. Today, in a season that follows both the Summer that Summer Music Broke (2009) and the Summer that Summer Music Broke II (that was this past one), this kind of early retro rock fetish, (played so accessibly), rings as hollow as some Rilo Kiley dribble.

Tennis: we barely knew ye before you opened for The Walkmen at Terminal 5 (December 2!). Fans: say you like it now so you can hate it once it completes its current bee-line to The Loft channel on Sirius Radio.

Tennis, “Take Me Somewhere”