Twin Steps break-up

Blake Gillespie

After performing in Davis, CA last night, Oakland’s Twin Steps went to the nearest In-N-Out Burger to commemorate their final show. After two and a half years of band life that’s included the debut Serial Parade 10″, rotating band members, and last year’s Plague Songs 7″, Twin Steps will be remembered for re-wiring the format of garage rock by taking the doo-wop influence beyond mimicry and into a digitalized realm without sacrificing their grimy core.

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From the moment we first heard the Etta James sample in “Pinkie Promise” to the Mr. Soul haunts of “Son Of Sam”, Twin Steps channeled the spirit of soul music, the ancient art of doo-wop, and they did so with the help of a 404 sampler. It was a jarring set-up, like an elephant in the room that was instantly overlooked once Twin Steps ripped into their set with unbridled bedlam.

Thanks for the memories that include awesome pink tie-dye t-shirts, two memorable records, a visit to the museum, butt cracks at ORMF and sweat stains from becoming part of the performance.

The group intends to record the remaining songs it has written as a band, to be released in 2015. After that the future of Twin Steps is being left open to possibility. Below is “The Re-Arranger”, one of the demos from the upcoming record.

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