Wiz Khalifa acts like he ain't chiefing on one

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Wiz Khalifa

We failed to mention this last year, caught up in reporting on bouts with the long arm of campus security, but Wiz Khalifa and producer Stargate struck motherfuggin' gold with “Black And Yellow”. We just wanted to extend a casual finger gun point and shoot of affirmation. You did it, Wiz. You got every rapper in the game biting your formula with remixes dedicated to respective local franchises. It won't be long until the Pittsburgh Pirates are bumping your song instead of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” in the 7th Inning Stretch.

If “Black And Yellow” is the big-timer swag anthem of the night, “Stoned” is after party cool out jam as you try to mellow out the adrenaline with some slow roasting substances. With Wiz's legal woes, “Stoned” attempts to mask his Smoker's Club membership by claiming “this ain't one of them kind a songs,” but c'mon Wiz… we know. Wiz might have found a complementary partner in crime in producer Stargate, as we're calling this “two for two”.

Wiz Khalifa, “Stoned”