Yves Saint Laurent is the new music aggregator

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zachary cole smith

Yves Saint Laurent, the fashion house best known for its women in pantsuits and causer of problems for poor spellers (comme moi), has had its ear to the proverbial ground in finding young, fresh musical talent to highlight its brand. First it was Kurt Cobain—excuse me, I mean Zachary Cole Smith—in his fashion ads and runway strut for their menswear line, and now we've caught wind that floated down the Seine on the breeze of a papery croissant that Sam Flax has curated a long-player for the house. The track is an extended “Fire Doesn't Burn Itself”, and it was commissioned to play during the Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 collection. It's a tripped-out avant-pop burner, one that we feel might be more fit for a long blaze on the grounds of Austin Psych Fest, but what do we know about fashion? We like to keep it casual at our office.