Playboy Manbaby’s Bummeritaville

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It’s tempting to say “there’s something in the water” out in Tempe, Arizona until you realize “lol, that’s in the Sonoran Desert” and then you realize ”Oh wait, The Salt River,” so the answer is “duh, salt. Salt is in the water.” Makes sense, because there has to be something affecting the bodies of Tempe prank-punk overlords Playboy Manbaby. And after you see what goes into making a well balanced meal in the desert, you’ll know what’s what.

The video for “Choppy Chad”, the first single off of Playboy Manbaby’s Bummeritaville is a mixture of internet humor video and late night Adult Swim show as Robbie Pfeffer (vocals) and Chris Hudson (bass) of the band act out the most insane cooking class you’ll ever see. A melange of grape soda, white bread, eggs and insane American optimism that goes into making..what? WHAT?

Just like the recipe prepared in the video, the song has all of the proper ingredients to make a healthy meal. Lyrics delivered at the top volume with no regard for clarity or audience understanding, a trumpet, a rhythm section that kicks you in the butt until you dance, and a slow romantic interlude for you to grab your partner of choice and get close right before everything hits again and you come to realize you’ve just been dancing with a giant corndog the entire time and, baby, you’re the mustard.

Jump up, body rockin dessert punk from the desert, punk. Rocket from the Chucklehut, Murder City Desi Arnaz, The Mighty Mighty Lenny Brucetones, you get the idea. Check out the video and then give a deep listen to the insane ramblings of Playboy Manbaby’s Bummeritaville in full below. It’s probably best if you set a safeword first, because it can get weird quick.

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