Arm in arm with Arm Candy

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On Wednesday July 2, Eric and Edwina linked up with Arm Candy and we discussed damn near everything there is to discuss including, what kind of monsters they are, a discussion of adapting the aesthetics of ignorant riffs to academic music, Brooklyn venues, the genius of Hannah Lew of Grass Widow, the appeal of Longmont Potion Castle, Liz Panella and her various projects (check them all out), food justice, social justice, and Eric gets to geek out on hardcore.


Courtship Ritual, “Kingdom of Beauty”
girlpool, “slutmouth”
Melkbelly, “Doomspringa”
Arm Candy, “Brainfreeze”
Arm Candy, “What Kind of Monster are You?” (Slant 6 Cover)

Futuro, “A Última Peça”
Yi, “Freeze”
Siamese Twins, “Alone”
Ivy, “Arch-Foe”
The Scepters, “Flatline Generation”
The Scepters, “The Tow”

Generation Loss, “Furniture”
25 Ta Life, “Friendship, Loyalty, Commitment”
Madball, “Lockdown”

Longmont Potion Castle, “Bruschotti”
King Missile, “Jesus Was Way Cool”
Judas Priest, “The Green Manalishi”

Faceplant, “Red Vines”