Loose Buttons' Anti-Valentine's Day

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, we’ve got another thing on our minds. Might be in line with our missing souls or something, but we’re big fans of the anti-Valentine’s Day approach. So our good friend Eric from Loose Buttons made us a little playlist to support that ideal.

Tom Waits- Blue Valentine
Waits wails it perfectly: “They are insisting that our love must have a Eulogy.” Enough said. Thanks Tom.
Nick Cave- Where the Wild Roses Grow
There’s nothing more anti-Valentine’s Day than a duet between a person (guest vocalist Kylie Minouge) and her eventual murderer (Nick Cave). Great song with even better imagery.
Twin Peaks- Holding Roses
For those moving on from someone on Valentine’s Day, look no further. These good dudes from Chicago wrote one of our favorite post-breakup songs.
Girls – Hellhole Ratrace
We’re pretty big fans of Girls, and this song encompasses being alone on Valentine’s Day.
Tame Impala- Past Life
The truth is, sometimes you can’t help but wonder about your ex on a day like Valentine’s Day. As the lyrics go:“I mean, I don’t even know if she has the same phone number / Who knows? Maybe she does.” The constant question going on through our minds on a sad V-Day.
The Smiths- Asleep
If Morrissey can’t get you depressed on Valentine’s Day, then no one can.
Cake- Never There
Some genius lyrics about wanting that special someone. For Cake unfortunately, they are never there.
Courtney Barnett- Debbie Downer
Nobody wants a Debbie Downer on Feb. 14. We feel bad that Courtney has to deal with some, but at least she wrote a fucking great track.
The Raconteurs- Many Shades of Black
This song depicts exactly why breakups suck. On V-Day, all you need is this song to remind you of the shitty days you had with your ex.
Death Cab for Cutie- I Will Possess Your Heart
This song just brings us back to our emo days. For those out there who want to be noticed by someone special, keep this song on in the back of your mind.
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