Tax bill = acid compromise we can believe in

Chris Robbins

Cheer up! Acid compromise! Via

While the holiday blues is making us spill our blackberry brandy all over our living wills, today there is finally something to fill us with cheer: it's the day of the “first concrete product of a new era of divided government and acid compromise.” Who says we need to wait til the 25th for the answer to all our problems?

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Yes, today (or soon) the House is expected to pass Barry's tax bill compromise, and a $1.2 trillion dollar omnibus bill is right around the corner. While some libruls may paint this as a defeat for a Democratically-controlled Congress that already pissed away its political capital faster than DJEntertainment4Less can chug a Four Loko, they're missing the broader point. Politics is about losing now, to win later.

So what if the $858 billion dollar tax bill helps the people in cigarette boats more than anyone else? Think big picture here (I know you had to pawn that Picasso lithograph in your rec room but bear with me), think 2012, when these tax cut extensions are supposed to expire and the economy will surely have improved and Barry and the Democrats will be poised to sweep into Washington and fix all of these problems they compromised themselves into. Nobel-winning neck beards aside, makes sense, right?

Plus, almost 60% of Americans support this tax bill. We're not sure how many of the 50% of Americans who can't locate the state of New York are included in this 60%, but what we do know is that two years down the road, they will remember how awesome of a political job Barry has done this day, December 16, 2010, and will pull the robotic voting arm (which in 2012 will be designed to resemble a box of sausage pancake bites) for the Democrats!*

So buck up, America. We'll be on easy street in two short years, at which point we can start chanting “Four More Years!”

*provided we take our Adderall

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