Raina Bee & The Hive, "Queen of the South"

We’ve all, most likely, had the thought. Sure. Maybe you’re supposed to be happy for your ex once you’ve moved on, but what if they could feel even a modicum of the pain they caused you.
Those lyin’ eyes are met with songwriter Raina Bee’s powerful vocals and piercing glare in the video for her latest single, “Queen of the South.” Backed by her band, The Hive, Bee weaves a blend of raw country, Americana and rock as she establishes herself as a force to be reckoned with in more ways than one.
“‘Queen of the South’ is kind of a revenge fantasy song. It’s about someone who wronged me and imagining what I wish I could do to them in response. The whole Queen of the South thing is somewhat alluding to the civil war and that the relationship was kind of a war. A lot of the South burned during that period and there was a lot of retribution so it made sense to me to kind of tie the things together.”
Watch Raina Bee & The Hive in “Queen of the South” below and look for more from them here.