Stream Blood Sister’s “Paralysis”

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lips and bed and mask collage

The birth of San Francisco’s Blood Sister came as close to on the heels of the death of Brooklyn’s Night Manager as anything 3,000 miles apart possibly could. More than a year has passed since we reported on Ezana Edwards’ reemergence in the Bay Area in the company of former Ganglians Kyle Hoover and Ryan Grubbs. Since then, the sound has changed a tad, though markedly less than the line up has in that time.

Now billed more like Edwards’ solo project, the former Brooklynite has enlisted three new musicians to bring his bedroom vision to life on stage. Not that the recordings are low fi either. When compared with their first tracks like “BART SIMPSON”, “Paralysis” marks a noticeable jump in production value but not at the sake of power.

The pounding drum keeps rattling the brain over the gleaming guitar riffs shooting across vocals drenched in so much echo the message is retained soley in the notes and not the words woo-ing and ooo-ing in saccharine form. The cavernous vocals echo in layers lost in the back of the cave, like they are sugar stalactites punctuating the reverberating wave of shimmery scuzzy guitar. “Paralysis” contrary to its name, soars.

Listen to the track below. Pre-order the s/t EP off here. Blood Sister comes out September 30 on Bloodmoss Records.