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Top 5 songs I like to listen to right now.

Aside from loving both of the White Fence albums for their experimental 60's style psych production done budget, I love this song in particular because of the opening slapback style Ringo drums that sound like an early Beck style drum loop. 54 words make up the entire lyrics. My favorite line is “black ice stole away your tire grip it was the saddest part of the trip” even though I originally thought he said “like I stepped apon your stuck up shit I got so caught up I almost tripped”. There's an awesome guitar solo that starts off sounding backwards and ends up planting itself on what sounds like an overly long single note being de-tuned then it cuts out with all its hiss leaving like the drugs out of the party. Stuff like that only grows on me, and it's usually only in demos and home recordings because in studio you get tricked into believing over dubs should be subtle or something….no way. It gives you the same relaxing feeling you get right before getting really paranoid after smoking weed.
Television Personalities, “I Was A Mod Before You Was A Mod”
I dont know if I like this song because it's the title track off the awesome album that the awesome people at Burger Records just put out, or because of the super awesome fuzz tone on the guitar ring outs. It might be bacause of the snare drum that is the entire song, but it's probably because of the lyrics that every record store geek wants to say to that guy with the iPod in the zig zag shoes.
Dirt Dress are so good, I mean really really good, I remember how when I first saw them I was so happy like I discovered something thats about to get really popular and signed by some awesome label I always wanted to be on, two years later this still hasnt happened. Turns out members of the band have their own label called Papermade, and they put themselves out on only a few cassettes a year. I dont know if Dirt Dress do this on purpose but the have a bunch of songs with titles that possibly reference bands or musicians they like, either way they have the confidence to do that, and usually that means they are really good or really whatever. I've played this song for people and they say this sounds like a really good “________ ______________”song and I'm like yea but you know how much would you love this song if “the ______________ _____________” wrote it, and they didnt write it, so whatever, you can like it even more because it took Dirt Dress to make it. Now I know 3 people who love this song like I do.
I've tried telling everone I've ever met in the record industry to put this man's music out. Half the musicians in Costa Mesa praise him, the other half think he's a dick because he doesnt care about the scene or the fad or the new hip band. he just cares about songs, and making good ones. This song sounds like the Kinks and Matt probably played every instrument on this song and sang all three vocal parts and he probably recorded it on a 8-track in his bedroom. If you wanna buy this song or buy any other one of his albums you might have to come to Costa Mesa and have him burn you a cd but if you like music as much as I do you'll be excited to hear his stuff.
White Fence, “Be Right Too”
Its probably lame to put the same band twice,especially when I have super good frends who all play in really great bands and I could totally plug'em here but who cares, this song sounds like a lost Lennon track, and it fits perfect as the last song off his record and I listened to it this morning.

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