Blonde Maze Talks “Antarctica”, Being Thankful

Meredith Schneider

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New York’s indie-electronic artist Blonde Maze (aka Amanda Steckler) has been impressing us with her multi-talented musical capabilities since her first release in May 2015. Her latest song “Antarctica” is absolutely riveting, guiding its listeners through a soft side of the artist as she weaves her ethereal voice through danceable beats. It feels like a breath of fresh air.

We were lucky enough to catch a few moments with Blonde Maze.

What’s your official origin story?

I think I got into music when I was around 13, when my parents got me a guitar. I wrote a bunch of rock songs, but ended up studying film and focusing on that for a while. I never let the music go though. I was always experimenting. I ended up going to study music in London after that, where a large part of my first release, the Oceans EP, was written / produced. I think my whole life sort of shifted while I was there, and the most cathartic way for me to express that was through music. So I stuck with it and it’s been so amazing.

What was the first record you can remember listening to? Who introduced it to you?

I think Linkin Park’s Meteora. I think I must’ve heard it on the radio in my dad’s car, he always had some sort of rock or classic rock station on. I used to be so into that kind of music.

How supportive are your friends and family in your pursuit of music?

Incredibly supportive. I really am so grateful for that. People close to me and even people I haven’t spoken to in a year or two share my releases all over social media and I have a few people that always come to my shows. I will never, ever take that for granted.
What keeps you inspired to continually create music?
Mainly life experiences. I tend to write songs that sound like how I feel in the moment.

What’s the most challenging moment or obstacle you’ve encountered on your path to being here today?

Probably my insecurity in my decisions. I’ve always struggled with trusting myself and my instinct. I really challenged myself to overcome that for this release. I got a bunch of opinions on the track before I released it, but ultimately every decision I made, I tried to make sure it was my own.

Where do you feel most comfortable, as an artist? On the road, at live shows, in the studio, at home?

If I had to pick one place, I’d say in the studio (AKA my apartment) because I can play whatever I want and there are no such things as mistakes. But there’s definitely nothing like playing for an audience, I love pushing my comfort zone and playing a new song for the first time or trying out something new.

How did you find out Spotify added “Antarctica” to their Weekly Buzz playlist? Does that energize you at all?

I noticed one day last week that Antarctica had started getting a bunch of plays on Spotify, but I had barely been advertising it up until that point so I realised it must’ve been coming from somewhere. Totally energized me to see that – it’s been a goal of mine for a while! The folks at Spotify are awesome, I’m so glad they got to hear the track and liked it enough to do that.
What’s your dream collaboration?
Such a tough one… Maybe ODESZA? Caribou?

What’s the most imaginative way you could introduce yourself to a crowd, if you had zero limitations?

I’ve been staring at this question for a while. I think my final answer is I’d have a ton of holographic puppies lead me in. Like who wouldn’t enjoy that. (They’d get a ton of holographic treats afterwards).
Anything else you’d like to add, for our readers to know?

I am just really thankful to every single person that’s taken a few minutes to listen to my music. It comes from my heart, and I am so grateful it gets into others’ hearts.

Oh, and fun fact: “Letters I Never Send”, “Summer Rain”, and “Antarctica” are all about the same person 😉


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