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Videos are tough for me because I don't tend to watch them often. That being said, here are a couple that are really catching and sometimes hair raising for me.

I love everything about this video and song. I might be biased because these guys are all friends and label mates, but I really think the song itself is so damned catchy. The video is done by Stuey Kubrick from Vancouver BC and it's really beautiful. Gregory Pepper, Ceschi, and Factor all actually fit their parts in the video as actors really well.

Funny and unsettling at the same time, great matching with the music/lyrics. This Low album Drums And Guns is probably one of my most favorite albums of all time. Cheapest video ever made?

No idea why Lex Records put up such a low quality version of this video, it looks like someone video taped it with their phone off a TV screen. This SSSR produced animated video is incredible though, just like just about all the videos SSSR does.

This video makes me regret not catching him when he came through Portland for this record.

No apologies, there is nothing PC about this video or song, or EL-P in general. But come on, a hip-hop “Fear & Loathing” with a psychotic coke blowing squirrel? It's so beyond ridiculous and offensive to everyone, perfect.

This video is really raw, like the song itself. It's amazing what they did because I'm pretty sure this video is damn low-budget. Fits perfect with that drum loop and other sparse elements happening in the song. Short but great (post?) apocalyptic movie.

I had to mention this video because I love the way it came out, and it was pretty hilarious when I first saw it. The very metalesque imagery in this came from the folks that made the video mishearing the lyrics. There's a spot in the middle where I sing “the violins in my head, bow their strings” the video maker heard “the violence in my head”, so the result was this video that looked like it'd be well matched for a Morbid Angel song. At first I had my reservations about it but after a few spins through it stuck to me and now I think it fits the song just perfect.

Best video ever.

I've got nothing else off the top of my head so I'll leave you with this: