Darcys Talk Upcoming Album Centerfold, Music Progression, and “Sail”

Meredith Schneider

Toronto’s pop/rock duo Darcys – comprised of Jason Couse and Wes Marskell – have been hard at work on their follow-up to 2013’s Juno nominated Warring. November 4th’s Centerfold is already promising to be a phenomenal release, and we’ve hardly begun to break the seal on it. They have been touring as the opening act for AWOLNATION and recently released the first lyric music video associated with the album, an 80’s inspired track called “San Diego, 1988”. As a result of this release, their sound is being praised as existing in the same realm of polished artists like MGMT, and rightfully so.


We may have to wait until November 4th for the album release, but we did get the opportunity to chat with the duo briefly about their new music. Check it out.

If you could introduce yourself to our audience in any way possible, how would you do so?

We wrote the soundtrack to your escapism. Blast it with the top down while you cruise into the sunset in search of the salty breeze and better days. We are your tour guides, your enablers, and your future ex-boyfriends.

What was the first song you remember listening to as children?

More than anything I remember the songs I wasn’t supposed to hear. I hid a bootleg Rage Against The Machine tape under my mattress and felt like such a badass listening to Killing In The Name with headphones while everyone was asleep.

When did you realize music was something you wanted to pursue? Was there a specific moment?

There wasn’t ever one specific moment, it’s just always something we’ve done. At first it we had an instrumental garage rock band, then a weirdo experimental duo, then a 90s alternative group and so on. It was a reflection of what we listened to and loved. Once we hit university music became more of a physical outlet than an artistic one. It was about getting free beer and meeting girls (it worked), but after we graduated it felt like our creative faculties were sharp and we finally had the time to dig in seriously. Working on our self-titled record felt like a major shift for us. That was a big moment. From then on it’s always been about what’s next.

How would you describe your sound, specifically?

It’s late night roadside motel music. It’s a driving record that’s as much about getting speeding tickets as pulling over for a make-out session. It’s all the trouble of a hazy neon night in LA with enough hidden redemption to bring you back the next morning.

What is the official origin story of the Darcys?

In grade ten we rented a digital recording console and decided to smoke a ball of hash to see what kind of messed up stuff we could come up with. Turns out we were able to come up with some really messed up stuff, and we have been recording our messed up ideas ever since.

How was it opening for AWOLNATION?

I wasn’t sure how we would come across to a group of people that came to see something far heavier and more aggressive than what we do, but I’m realizing that people now see beyond genre more than ever. To most, it’s about feeling a connection to the music. If you can just find something in common with people, it’s easy to share a moment with them. So the shows turned out great, we had an awesome time. Sail.

The video for “Miracle” is so phenomenal. Any anecdotes from production or stories about where the artful ideas came from?

The whole thing was shot over two days. I’ve never seen such an efficient crew: they were setting up two shots ahead while rolling on a dance sequence on the other side of the abandoned factory we shot in. It was really fun to be on set the whole time, it helped create an even closer connection with the visuals and the track itself. I can see the whole video in my head every time we play the song. I have to hand it to our amazing director and the cast, they really pulled off something magical. Plus, Kevin Bacon himself was stoked on the Footloose nod.

If Centerfold were a donut, what kind would it be and why?

Hawaiian. I think it’s called a vanilla dip now. Don’t look it up on urban dictionary. We’re the one with the rainbow sprinkles.

What are your thoughts on the modern day music industry?

I don’t think anyone knows how to understand or predict it. But the simple things remain the same. People are always going to need great tunes, regardless of how they consume it. As terrifying as it can be to have no idea what things will look like in a year, there’s nothing that you can’t do, and that kind of freedom is really exciting.

If you could be a superhero, who would you be and why?

It’s hard for me to understand why anyone would say anything other than Batman. He doesn’t have the burden of being a mutant or an alien, he has all the best toys, awesome parkour skills and simultaneously maintains a lavish billionaire lifestyle. I get that he’s likely a sociopath but I think that bat-wing, bat-mobile, bat-boat, bat-signal, bat-arang all offset that. Plus, chilling with Alfred seems like a time.


Keep up with the Darcys and all their shenanigans right here.

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