Dream Panther on that White Widow

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Dream Panther

I could go on and on with tons of video and words as to why we chose/ think they are great. But lets face it. There is a dispensory on almost every corner, it's 78 degrees and sunny. Yah feel me. While you're waiting for the re-released of our critically acclaimed EP, Beyonce's Child, take these samples to help refine your understanding of our musical palette. We picked these not only for the music but for the visual performance as well. If you like, tell Impose to give us a monthly segment on imposemagazine.com so we can share more.

A while back my mom asked me to play her some music that I liked. So I put on Danse Manatee as a joke trying to freak her out. I was completely stunned when she liked it. It was this event that made me really appreciate Animal Collective's early experimental freaky folk releases. This fan video does a great job at displaying the song's raw, emotional, spooky, experimental characteristics. Your not quite sure if your gonna see/hear something that'll hurt your eyes/ears. For me it's more like jazz.

Something about Snakefinger and this song is so familiar. The otherworldly horns/beats are so wet and squishy. I feel like I've been listening my whole life. I feel as if the Chuck-E-Cheese robot band played this song or some shit. Or was it a part of Micheal Jackson's Captian EO ride? From the looks of the music video that may not be too far off. You know, this song is from the Residents 'commercial album'. I'm convinced they subliminally bombarded me with it growing up.

A friend of mine played some Stewrat for me a while back. Dopefunk. Instant classic. After smoking that bowl i pulled em up on YouTube to show Nick and we came across this gem. Like the song, the video is a mystery to me. The line between what is sampled and what the artist created is completely blurred. But when it's this dope i don't think it really matters.

This shit bangs and hits close to home. Very similar to the Caribbean music I grew up listening to. But dude put an electric pick up in a mbira. Achieving such a beautiful tone to complement the hypnotic rhythms of the drums. Roll a jay, turn this on and it's and instant twerk fest. Every party/club girl (the ones that know how to twerk) cannot resist it.

C'mon. I don't need to say nothing about this. Gold standard. Go hard in the paint. Everyone trying to be the Beatles. Dream Panther just tryin to be James Brown.