Erika Spring's love for 80's girl beats

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Erika Spring

My friend gave me the nicest compliment the other night after my EP release party. She said the part of her that grew up in the 80s was really satisfied by my beats and that the girl beats back then were different than guy beats.She said my songs had girl beats. I loved hearing that. And since those 80s girl songs were some of the first songs I felt passionately about, I thought I'd pick some selects for my inspiration here! I can listen to these songs with nostalgia or irony but I can also listen to them and dance and get lost in the awesomeness! I have so much respect for the creators of these songs.

I had this on vinyl. Well, my sisters and I shared it. It totally holds up; solid beat, rad chorus vocals, jangly bridge, happy girl, glowing globes, giant flower corsage and shadowy dots!

I remember loving this song so much when it came out. 118/120bpm is perfect for trio choreography, sunset girl talk and swinging handkerchiefs around. The sounds are perfect & the lyrics are not over-thought. 🙂

This is one of my all time favorite songs. I play it every time I DJ. The emotion behind the song is totally no nonsense but the sounds and arpeggio and the beat make it feel so positive and uplifting. My friend just turned me on to the Eurythmics' first album, In The Garden,and it's totally blowing my mind. Check it out!!!

This beat is so creative and fun. And the fills are really over the top in the best way. The bass is also really important to why it's so danceable. and Whitney showcases like 10 different versions of her hottest self.

I didn't know this song when I was younger (def. under the radar!!) but I have always loved Olivia and since I discovered this video I've probably watched it 200 times. The girl keyboard player gets really nasty. The sounds are awesome. Olivia fields excellent wind in her hair and the lyrics send a positive message about open communication in a relationship. Ok, now I'm being funny, but not ironic.