Nuovo Testamento discuss influences, upcoming tour with Molchat Doma & new single “Heartbeat”

Post Author: Myles Hunt

The Los Angeles & Bologna-based band’s upcoming LP Love Lines arrives in March

The holiday season is in full swing and with it some early musical gifts just in time for new year playlists. One such Los Angeles/Bologna based band, Nuovo Testamento, has capitalized on this moment with a sneak peak of their upcoming LP Love Lines, set to be released in March, with the single “Heartbeat”. Made of musicians Andrea Mantione, Giacomo Zatti and Chelsey Crowley, the group is eager to get on their way with a vigor. Case in point, they will happily be touring in the spring alongside Molchat Doma in 2023. What better way to jump into the season of giving by vibing in a little bit of a brooding dance atmosphere?

The ’80s inspiration is apparent right from the inception. That twinkling synth and pumping bass riff kicks into the harmonic vocals to follow. For revelers of dance, they will feel right at home with this track. It is full of uplifting energy that matches the hope of a better evening or an even more hopeful tomorrow. It’s hard not to be happy in this weird place musically. It is an offering of past and present utilized in their own organic form. Connections are easy to distinguish within, but are honored rather than exploited. All of the hypnotic sound waves from the synths to the vocals flow with a powerful beat that resonates deep down the ear canal. The heartbeat rhythm of its namesake is audible with a creative flair without going over the top. Goodbye 2022 and be prepared to groove into 2023!

Heartbeat” was a great early gift for this holiday season, can you elaborate on its production journey? Any memorable moments?

Chelsey: Thank you! It was very memorable – we love writing when we’re all in the same place but, because we live internationally, we often have to write remotely. While finishing “Heartbeat,” we were touring Mexico and were able to spend a lot of time together. The ultimate chorus of the song was one I had thrown out. I showed it to the boys after several others as an afterthought and they both immediately lost their minds so it was kind of a done deal.

What event in the New Year are you all really looking forward to and why?

Chelsey: We’re doing a seven week US tour supporting Molchat Doma in the spring and couldn’t be more excited. We’re massive fans and it’s incredibly generous of them to invite us so we’re unbelievably humbled…I can’t wait to watch them every night!

Is there a vibe or energy attached to your upcoming release? What motivations funnel through it?

Giacomo: Dancing! We want people to dance. It sounds simplistic but we love Italo disco and ’80s dance pop, there is so much incredible dance music left behind by the mainstream. We’re having a lot of fun revitalizing that. We were a bit nervous about introducing the dance element in “New Earth” but the response was so wonderful so this time we just leaned all the way in and had a great time doing it.

What medium keeps you all inspired to create, film/fine art/poetry/etc? How and why?

Andrea: Gardening is where all of my inspiration comes from, it’s when I have the time and quiet to let my mind wander.

Chelsey: Lyrically, my most creative energy comes from reading (mostly fiction). Just reading the work of a good writer is so inspiring, it’s the only thing that really makes me want to sit down and write.

Is there a musician or musical group that really wowed you this year, how come?

Chelsey: Fishbach! We opened for her in France and completely lost our minds. That’s not hyperbole – we truly, deeply, devolved into non functioning humans in her presence. She’s otherworldly and we’re huge fans of her voice and music, she can get away with things no one else can. I’ve never been so starstruck. Also, Neon Lies in Zagreb, we couldn’t stop fawning, it’s incredible.