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These are some videos and songs I've been watching and listening to a lot lately. Most of these videos I've been watching for years, there's one video that I was recently introduced (Hudson Mohawke and Lunice). I find myself going back to these videos repeatedly, I just find them really interesting and they get me excited. When I hear and watch these videos they take me back to the time when I was introduced to them, some 10 years ago, some a year, others a month, but they all affect me deeply in some way.

This is a Nick Drake song called ” All my trials” it's a traditional cover, it was a folk song sang during social protest movements in 1950's and 60's. I recently listened to it for the first time in over a year. It reminds me of one of my good buddy Allen, I miss that guy.

This is Frank Zappa and his band performing a song called “Alien Orifice”, I've always dug this song, the odd time signature, the usage of of synth, and of course Zappa rips. He's one my favorite guitarist, his solos are the shit.

Gotta show proper respect to Madlib, I've been into his music for awhile, this is his group Loot Pack, love this video, makes me laugh, and has the old school flow on it. I'm into the UFO thing, it's always been an interest of mine, I wanna meet this guy someday.

Been getting back into skating lately, this is Andrew Reynolds part in an old Baker video, looks more like a compilation. Andrew Reynolds is one of my all time favorite skaters, he goes really big and has a clean style to his skating.

I heard this track not tool long ago, when I first heard it I got really excited, it goes really hard, I love the sounds that are used. I've been hearing a lot of trap beats lately and this Hudson Mohawke and Lunice EP caught my attention immediately. I'm waiting to hear some rapper go hard on this beat, I think it could be a game changer.