Pictureplane's Manifesto

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pictureplane travis egedy

A conceptual breakdown/linguistic re-work of thee new mind theorems, concepts, and fashions utilized in the creation of Thee Physical

June 2011


The simple experience. The tragic experience. The profound.

The understanding of the third dimensional “real.” Objectification. Thee high awareness that is sensation. Life is sensation/al. All sensation is sensory. Feel your mind. Touch my mind. The infinite symbolism of the never ending passing of energy. Thee flux.

The body. Your desire. Thee new desire. The burn. What does it feel like to feel? Touch your every desire. The human body/humanity understanding new forms of communication. Silent, physical communication through the medium of thee power hand.

The gloved hand as its own universe. The leather on your skin is all that matters. Matter. Organic.

Desire is fetishism. Sexuality. Textural sexuality. Thee obsolete gender.

Sex. A fact. A feeling.

Thee new sex/sexuality. The banality of material. The futility of death. Sex futurism. New forms of techno fetish in a world with no true physical limits. Anti-physics as new cultural paradigm.

Raw. Stone, crystal and jewel. Bone marrow, blood, and earth. Thee vibration of the physicality of the planetary being. The realness. Your mind. The universal mind.

Holding hands of multiple generations what does it mean to be aroused? What does it mean to lust? Altered states of physical consciousness. The feeling of knowing that you are feeling.

De-conditioning to avoid de-evolution. A collective showering.

<p>Thee orgasmic future. The place of no mind and thee trance. Your DNA structure. Understanding/remembering. Thee psychic field as playing field in an infinite galactic game. Not one part of you separate. Thee interconnectedness of selves. Touching/transform.

Thee physical is all. Real is an understanding. Real is a feeling.