Rocket break down the inspiration & process behind new single “Future Memory”

Post Author: Myles Hunt

The Los Angeles indie rock band’s debut EP Versions of You is out now

With the final musical bits fluttering out before the winter holidays take hold, it is time to honor the fresh sounds unveiled this autumn. Hailing from Los Angeles, Rocket sent off the best new sample of musical goodness with their track and accompanying video, “Future Memory”from their debut EP Versions of You. Smooth and gritty alternative rock pulse through to introduce the new stars of the genre. Who are they? Rocket is made up of longtime friends Alithea Tuttle, Baron Rinzler, Cooper Ladomade and Desi Scaglione, who elevate their musical finesse across the board.

On “Future Memory,” Alithea’s somber yet soft vocals kick in straight away with an accompanying beat that remains contagious throughout. There is a rumbling of various stages of grief within that bubble up with each listen. It is hard to distinguish from that energy as it matches the mood of the listener at the same time. This song could be five versions all in one. “Future Memory” is both thunderous and purposeful. Rocket succeeds in holding out their hands and welcoming in fans to emote with them. The clashing is minimal, allowing for a more receptive ear. An organic tune that speaks volumes. 

Come and evolve with their insight into their world.

What was the production like for creating these sounds? Is there a favorite or memorable moment during your process together as a band you’d like to share?

We recorded everything in our drummer’s parents’ garage and the goal was to just get the best sounding tones we could in the moment for every instrument. One specific piece of gear we used was a Bogen K10 tube PA that our guitar player converted into a guitar amp. That made its way on almost every song on the EP, it turned out to be the sound we were looking for.

What do you hope listeners will appreciate in your work? Are there themes you really want to get across?

We hope that even if our music isn’t for you, you can still appreciate that we put a lot of effort into what we’re doing and you can relate to it in some way or another. We hope that everyone can take away something personal from our music!

What was the hardest moment about creating or even just creating in general from start to finish?

We had a difficult time choosing what songs were going to be on our EP…We had written so many songs that we loved but some of them didn’t necessarily feel like they fit into this body of work. Hopefully, they will get used someday as some of them are in styles that we would like to continue to explore as a band.

How are you celebrating this new release as the holidays approach?

Our EP came out while we were on tour so we’ve just been celebrating by spending time together and playing shows. When we go home we’ll probably go out to a nice dinner together and hang out with some friends. 

What advice would you give new musicians in the space that you wished you had known beforehand?

The most important piece of advice (to us) we can give is that you should be making music for yourself first and foremost. We think what matters most is that you love what you’re doing, and if you’re excited about it then other people will be too.


In regard to Future Memory, Alithea shares that she “wrote it shortly after a childhood friend had passed away as a young adult. I was struggling with the fact that it was deeply affecting me even though I didn’t know him very well at this stage in our lives. We were close as children and he had recently come back into my life but passed away before any of us were able to learn more about who he had become. I felt almost guilty for feeling so moved by his passing but visited his grave and wrote this song. It’s not the most profound, but it helped me accept that he would be the stuff of future memories.”