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For our Impose Selector feature we decided to go with a Comic Con theme in anticipation of our show in San Diego on July 19 which will serve as one of the Comic Con after parties. Ian and I are really big fans of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire book series and the TV show A Game of Thrones. When we found out that George R.R. Martin was going to make an appearance at Comic Con we were hoping we could go see him talk, but unfortunately his appearance is sold out. Hopefully this Selector feature will bring out some synth and A Song of Ice and Fire/ Game of Thrones fans to the show. Here are some songs we chose to soundtrack sections of A Song of Ice and Fire. WARNING! If you haven't read all of the books or have only watched the show there are spoilers.

1. Moore/Majuere, “Alternate Quantum Realities”

This song would soundtrack the flying dream Bran has in A Game of Thrones while he is in a coma after his fall from the tower at Winterfell. It's a journey he takes with the help of the 3 Eyed Crow. “He saw Winterfell as the eagles see it, the tall towers looking squat and stubby from above, the castle walls just lines in the dirt.” “He lifted his eyes and saw clear across the narrow sea, to the Free Cities and the green Dothraki sea and beyond, to Vaes Dothrak under its mountain, to the fabled lands of the Jade Sea, to Asshai by the Shadow, where dragons stirred beneath the sunrise.”

2. Boards of Canada, “Palace Posy”

This song would soundtrack the chapter in A Clash of Kings when Daenerys is following the comet in the desert with her khalasar and the freed slaves that chose to stay with her after she rose from the fire with 3 hatched dragons. She takes it as an omen that she is the chosen Queen of the 7 Kingdoms and leads her people in its direction. They had been following her for days and days having faith in her, but she herself begins to have doubts. Some of her people die of fatigue, thirst, and starvation. It's a bleak march, but at the end of it they discover an abandoned city where they find fruit and water. It's an oasis in the desert and a sign that she may be on the right path.

3. Steve Summers, “The Outermaze”

This song would soundtrack the battle between the The Night's Watch and the Others at the Fist of the First Men in A Storm of Swords. The chapter is written from Samwell Tarly's perspective. This is his firsthand account of the battle that we wrote down and had sent by raven back to Castle Black. “Wights attacked us on the Fist, in snow, but we drove them off with fire. Wights all around us. Coming up from north and south at once. Spears and swords won't stop them, only fire. Dead wildlings, and a giant, or maybe a bear, on us, all around. Wights over the ringwall. Fighting inside the camp. Lord Commander Mortmont is meeting them with fire. We've won. We're winning. We're holding our own. We're cutting our way free and retreating for the Wall. We're trapped at the Fist, hard pressed. The battle's lost, We're all lost.”</p>

4. Acid Arab, “Theme”

This song would soundtrack the dangerous, clandestine mission in A Feast For Crows where the beautiful Princess Arianne Martell, despite her father's wishes, sneaks Myrcella out of Sunspear so that she can name Myrcella Queen of the 7 Kingdoms instead of Myrcella's younger brother Tommen. Unlike most of Westeros, Dornish tradition does not place more value on male heirs above females in the line of succession. The Dornish line of succession favors the eldest child regardless of sex. The way Dorne is described in the books, I imagine Spanish and Arabic art, music architecture, and landscapes. This song uses the double harmonic scale you hear in Spanish and Arabic music. It has a steady, rolling, rhythm and plays with tension that lends itself to the image of Arrianne and her most trusted subjects crossing the harsh Dorne desert on their secret operation.

5. Pye Corner Audio, “Transmission Four: Crooked Hill”

This song would soundtrack Bran, Jojen, Meera, Hodor, and Summer's journey north of The Wall led by Coldhands, a cloaked dead man riding a dead reindeer The sad melody and wind sound effect in this song works well with the description of the harsh, cold environment and the magical feeling of a supernaturally cold presence nearby. They've been marching for days are hanging onto life, almost freezing and starving to death will a pack of wolves on their heels waiting for them to die. Eventually they arrive near a mysterious cave on a hill with ravens flying in and out that Coldhands tells them Bran must enter. White walkers guard the way and they must find a way to get past them.