Two Wounded Birds

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Two Wounded Birds

These songs are what’s keeping me going right now. Quite a few of these choices are from when the world was a better, more naive place for me. Songs like “End of the World” and “Teardrop” could only exist in a Candy Coloured world.

It's that rhythm, that chugging Rock and Roll, it just gets me going, stirs something inside of me and Chuck is the original and best. Even when rehearsing, just playing that A bare rock and roll riff just feels so good…He was a great lyricist, the content of his lyrics were social commentary for the time, and had more content that some of the other rock and rollers of the time.

This song is so beautiful, first of all it's called ' End of the World' which is amazing because listening to it is like imagining like, the last sunset you will ever see before the earth blows up or something. The minor chords, the lap steel sound, sounds like it could also be a theramin, makes it cute but creepy. No one writes songs like this anymore, they should.

This is it, musical perfection, it's other worldly, from far away across the universe, and it's where I want to go. Listen to it, it's fucking crazy. It's like flying, a dream, happiness and sadness all rolled into one. I love it so much I can't even talk about it properly.

Those drums, that voice, it's the only thing that could follow Santo and Johnny. Roy's voice is so haunting, it kinda gives me anxiety listening to him because you really feel uneasy. The arrangements are perfect.

This is a great recording, great drum sound, piano and Maccas voice is perfect. I like the Beach Boy thing that they do on the chorus too, it's just a really great song, what can I say about the Beatles that everyone doesn't feel anyway?

I love at the start of this particular video, Jim's sleazy ' YEAAH'. He looks like a crazy lumberjack but the performance is so good and chilled, and that sinister laugh halfway through, it's really dark, but a million bands would love to sound as good as this.

It's so slow and half awake, but it's really sad and it's something I could listen to over and over again, the vocal sounds almost half time, but it's perfect, and when the second verse comes in 1.24, it's just so good the way it falls back in.