Ukiah Drag shot by Nina Hartmann

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Ukiah Drag, Nina Hartmann

Originally released as a tape on Ascetic House, Ukiah Drag pressed Jazz Mama is Crying to a solid 12’ themselves last month. Now residing in Providence by way of Boston by way of Florida, Ukiah Drag is comprised of former members of American Snakeskin, Cult Ritual, Neon Blud and Diet Cokeheads. While Ukiah Drag may share sensibilities with bands like The Gun Club and Birthday Party they delete all the embarrassing white dude blues and inject their music with a straightforward punk, informed by psychedelics. The boys just got done with a month long tour with road dog and mixed media artist Nina Hartmann, who shot the whole thing with 35mm film. Hartmann was kind enough to share her shots with us.

You may find the record in distinguished record stores and distros near you, but it’s already nearly sold out. You can, however, download the release here. Just buy them a beer next time you see ‘em.

Nina Hartmann is showing some of her prints at the newsstand at the Lorimer L / Metropolitain G stop today in New York City. [If you’re in the mood for some truly underground art… Har Har, so funny.] Follow Hartmann on her Tumblr: SixSixSixties.