Wax Idols Answer Questions During Their Stint at Starline Social Club In Honor of International Women’s Day

Ben Pegram

They’re touring with Thursday (March 28 through April 12). They’ve just re-released, American Tragic on their very own label, Etruscan Gold. They have a new record entitled, Happy Ending scheduled for release in the spring…and there’s no sign of them slowing down. On March 8th they headlined what was the first in what I hope will be an excellent series of local, inexpensive showcases at Oakland’s Starline Social Club. I was able to catch up with Wax Idols for a quick interview and photo shoot prior to their packed show at Starline. I decided to do something a bit different in honor of International Women’s Day. I gave them each a short questionnaire to fill out and here’s what they had to say, in their own words.



Wax_Idols_Photo_Shoot_Starline_Social_Club_Oakland_3-8-2017_Ben_Pegram_078 Marisa

Wax_Idols_Photo_Shoot_Starline_Social_Club_Oakland_3-8-2017_Ben_Pegram_075 Peter

Wax_Idols_Photo_Shoot_Starline_Social_Club_Oakland_3-8-2017_Ben_Pegram_086 Rachel

Wax_Idols_Photo_Shoot_Starline_Social_Club_Oakland_3-8-2017_Ben_Pegram_035 Wax_Idols_Photo_Shoot_Starline_Social_Club_Oakland_3-8-2017_Ben_Pegram_021 Wax_Idols_Photo_Shoot_Starline_Social_Club_Oakland_3-8-2017_Ben_Pegram_020 Wax_Idols_Photo_Shoot_Starline_Social_Club_Oakland_3-8-2017_Ben_Pegram_011

Keep up with Wax Idols here.

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