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wizard mountain wzrd mntn

The cassette label we run is called Wizard Mountain but spelled WZRD MNTN. It's also a house where we live in San Francisco.

Occasionally we have shows at our house. We try to keep it at a couple shows a year. Usually we only have our close pals play these shows. It is ALWAYS a blast, and takes months to recover from. Some still haven't recovered.

The first band to play our house was The Traditional Fools, and the first tape officially released on WM was a live account of this epic set. Since then we have put out tapes by Ty Segall, Dance Player, The Dicktown Boys, Superstitions, Rank/Xerox, Grass Widow, Culture Kids and the Filth Mongers. We try to put out bands that haven't yet released anything on vinyl, or are just starting out. We make tapes in runs of 100-200. They are sold on the WM website, or at Recycled Records in San Francisco. We have put out one LP, by The Traditional Fools. It was recorded all live at our house.

Our latest release is the second tape we've done with Superstitions, and it totally rips. He (Superstitions) is a dude named Seth and just moved into the WZRD MNTN pad. He has played with the likes of Party Fowl, Mika Miko, Strange Boys and the Metrognomes. Our next tape will completely dissolve your brain. Its by a band called The Baths.

Every tape we have released has been of our close friends. WM is heavily community based, and would not exist without the awesome people that let us hang out with them. Every Wizard Mountain band is both worth checking out, and keeping an eye on. We'll stay here to blast a sample of some of our jams!

WZRD MNTN/Impose Labeled Compilation
Superstitions, “Weekend Warrior”
The Traditional Fools, “Rock N Roll Baby” (Live at Wizard Mountain tape)
Rank Xerox, “Muscle Dogs” (Rank Xerox / Grass Widow split tape)
Ty Segall, “Where We Go” (Horn the Unicorn tape)
Culture Kids, “N.I.B.H.”