Birch, "Nobody Lives Forever"

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Brooklyn based artists Michelle Birsky and Mat Towles make up Birch.  “Nobody Lives Forever”, out May 11, is the latest single from Birch’s new EP, which will be released the end of May.
You will first be struck by Birsky’s hypnotic, crystalline voice.  Although the band’s music is self-described as “synth pop”, “Nobody Lives Forever” has a meditative chant quality to its’ tune as the lyrics describe various fears (“Fear of time, fear of failure, because nobody lives forever.”).
According to Birch:  “Each song off the EP deals with a specific reason why we forget that we are all one; this one is about fear. I believe that fear is the basis for all bigotry and hatred. This country has a huge problem with fear of “the other” and it’s causing a massive divide. Until we can release our fear of one another, our fear of losing power, our fear of change, of time, of death, we will be stuck in this cycle.”
The hope that comes with releasing the fear is in the last phrases of the song:  “Darling you’re not alone”.

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