Cambatta, "Theory Of Everything

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In a sea of “conscious rappers” who too often feel disingenuous in their subscription to symbolism and empty phrasing, Cambatta lounges near the top with just about anyone. The talented lyricist excels at crafting labyrinthic compositions that a listener can actually learn from, or at least feel prompted to explore new information.
It’s that brand of music that positions the burgeoning rhymer as more than just an MC who fits in a “hard rhymes over dope beats” playlist. He definitely has that, but he also offers something deeper.
That ability is fully on display in his latest single “Theory Of Everything,” in which the MC expounds on his own theories over an evocative, trap-influenced production. “Time’s a serpent with the tongue extending/mouth swallowing the tail so begun the ending,” he rhymes in a cadence steady enough for most to keep up.
Throughout “Theory Of Everything,” Cambatta studiously explores the nature of the universe and language. He also challenges organized religion, but still offers some blunt proclamations such as, “any humans with a badge is a piece of shit.”
You can purchase “Theory Of Everything” here.