Collectible veterano doll now available!!! *Shank not included

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Like most of California, I am half Mexican. I also happen to not speak or understand fluent Spanish. I used to spend the night at my friend Miguel’s house as a child, and being that his family was 100% Mexican, they spoke perfect Spanish and knew I did not understand the language. Miguel’s father (Mr. Ramirez) would always cook breakfast in the mornings, which would consist of eggs and bacon, and just to fuck with me, he would always say, “Hey Gordo! Can you smell my huevos? Huh? Can you smell my huevos? Do you like the way my huevos smell? Well you better like the way they smell because my huevos are going to be in your mouth soon!” I’m not a translator, but I could totally tell what Mr. Ramirez was saying and it freaked the fuck out of me, sort of the same unsettling way this doll I mean “figurine,” makes me feel. Part of me digs the Lost Angel, but at the same time if this figure came to life like that clown in Poltergeist, then this little cholo would probably climb up on my bed and shank me in the eyeballs as I slept.

Created by the notorious Los Angeles artist Mr. Cartoon, the low down on this collectors item goes as follows:
Gold SA Diamond chain (faux)
Striped Socks (must have*)
Hearts and Eagle Boxers (and boxers only pinche babosa!)
New tattoos on chest and other leg (firme*)
Air Force Ones (Patent Green, Red and White)
Black Boombox with new tag on back (no mames way)
New Joker Brand Shirt and Jeans (borrowed from his cousin)
White Red and Green foil embossed box with magnet to close door (?)
White Blister Tray (y que puto!?!)
Available in three different versions:
Red Flocked Angel Wings, Red Sidekick, Red Translucent Base
Green Flocked Angel Wings, Green Sidekick and Green Translucent Base Gray Flocked Angel Wings, Gray Sidekick, Gray Translucent Base

It’s not very often you come across a collectible cholo action figure with not only tattoos, but fresh tattoos no less! My personal favorite is the piece on his back and the “LA” on the rear of his head. Just think that for the exact same price of buying a half ounce of marijuana, or taking a family of six out to eat at the Olive Garden ($150) you could, for a lifetime, own you’re very own miniature cholo.

Visit Super Rad Toys here to purchase The Lost Angel 07.

–Gordon Downs