I, Alexander Releases his Self-Titled Debut Album

Virginia Croft

Brooklyn based singer-songwriter Pedro Barquinha sings of love, loss, and everything that comes in between on his debut EP, recorded under his moniker of I, Alexander. Co-produced with Susan Records collaborator Franky Rousseau, Barquinha’s Lisbon roots make themselves known throughout the seven tracks, as sprinklings show the blending of his two homes. Throughout the album, flourishing strings and anxious percussion paint a sea of emotions, carrying the listener through the inner workings of Barquinha’s artistic vision.


“Possessive Love” veers in a more electronic direction, leaning towards a Dirty Projectors sound, whereas the bulk of the album listens like a brewing of Sufjan Stevens, Gabriel Kahane, and Jose Gonzalez. “Divide,” which acted as the first single I, Alexander released, focuses on the necessary evil of emotional pain. Barquinha adds, “‘Divide’ is representative of the themes on this record; it deals with the ups and downs of relationships and how sometimes we have to hurt each other to grow.” While the lyrics and vocals are strong in their own way, the string and piano lines truly pull the listener’s heartstrings in a different manner, tugging in all the right ways and pulling us through the full spectrum of human emotion.

In the music video “Sturdy Thoughts,” the premise becomes clear– feelings fading out into oblivion, but the aftermath leaves an impact. The heaviness of the track weighs down as Barquinha sings, “I’m sorry because I should be, even though she means nothing to me.” Moreover, “Sturdy Thoughts” is a poignant representation of Barquinha’s musicality, as all of the string parts were written by him.

I, Alexander is available now via Susan Records. Keep up with him here, and if you live in the New York City area, check out the album release party on January 21st.

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