Keroscene, “I Can’t Do a Thing”

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Out of London, Keroscene, a four member band consisting of David Troster, Edd Wilding, Francesco Bondi, and Jake Sorbie, have just released a new psychedelic rock single called “I Can’t Do A Thing,” and I totally dig it.

We’re heading into the winter months, but “I Can’t Do A Thing” feels more like a summer tune, with it’s laid-back vocals, steady drum beat, and moments of near-indistinct dialogue of persons unknown. It’s got an air of taking things as they are, even when you don’t want to, perfectly captured in the title and expanded in the lyrics. The often repeated “All of this time, she’s changing your mind, all of this time, she’s crying, and I can’t do a thing,” suggests a lack of control that could be universal, due to the vagueness of who the singer is referring to.

Take a listen to the single below, and keep up with the band on Facebook.