Summer Like the Season "Thin Today"

Post Author: Impose Automaton

From Detroit, MI is the experimental electronic project of Summer Like the Season. The group is made up of  Summer (Vox, Drums)  alongside electronics/synth musician Scott Murphy, Tasha Peace (Guitarist) and Eugene Strobe (Bass Guitar). Combined, they produce an unusual genre of music, but in a very exceptional and pleasing way. Inspired by artists like tUnE-yArDs, St. Vincent, and Purity Ring, the group takes the little fragments and elements to only perfect the sound of their inspirations. While we listen to the Summer Like the Season “Thin Today”, we can hear many different genres ranging from Experimental rock to neo-soul there is a lot of variety which they pull off well and it is unique in music these days.
Summer tells us about the inspiration behind the new EP,

“For me, creating this EP was kind of an unusual process. Typically I work on a record with the motivation to conduct the grand experiment of connecting with others. An EP generally represents a finite chunk of my time on earth; an attempt to shout into the ether – “Hey! hey! I am going through a phase, is your phase going to have constructive or destructive interference with mine when you listen?”

“However, this release was drawn out over four strange and tumultuous years. So rather than connecting with others, I feel like it turned into something of an odd personal odyssey. The first tune is about losing faith in a chaotic and divisive government, the second explores the loss of trust in a close friend, the third is something of a psychedelic trip down a whirring thought hole and the fourth is about embracing the beauty in the rotten. Sort of compartmentalizing and processing my own upheaval.”


While we listen, we can hear many different genres ranging from experimental rock to neo-soul, there is a lot of variety which is unique in music these days. We start to peacefully drown into the unprecedented, floating as the samples reach out to take control. Summers spontaneous vocal technique and writing style is one of many reasons why this EP is highly listenable. The electronic ambience will send you to a mythical place where the swirly bass work will seed into your brain.