Sunday Premiere – Wooter with the new track "Door"

Post Author: Joseph Anthony Evans

Introducing intricacy from none other than the wunderkind himself this Sunday. Rowan Brind presents us with the vast track “Door”. When it came to writing and producing it was never really an issue for the musical polymath Brind as it all came unexpectedly natural to him. Every Sunday we get to hear and explore the genius creations that is put together and so far it’s been an honor getting to know the mind of the musician. Wooter  is “Just constantly wondering what’s on the other side of the door.”

The chilling soothing ballad of “Door” will leave you with questions as Wooter battles between choosing the easy or the hard way out of things. Brind is in all of our minds now as he’s like our wise man story teller. Its not just about the way he makes music sound, there is another side to his work that is just as important, its the way he can be so relative to all of us.