Washburn and the River "Easy Part of Me"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Washburn and the River have a gift for blending the serene with the anxious. The latest, “Easy Part of Me” rips through gentle guitar moments, interlaced with restless lyrics, yearning for a higher understanding. Piano sprinklings and a driving drum part push the track to new territory for the Boston based musician, birthed by childhood best friends Jake Rosenberg and Jonah Shechtman.

Part of the thriving DIY scene in Boston, Washburn and the River is currently in production mode with the help of the talented indie rock newcomers Toledo for an ambitious forthcoming, 18-track double LP titled Fear of Fallow Season’s Greetings. Jake Rosenberg’s musical skill shines through the track “Easy Part of Me” as he takes us through his mercurial, dark and pleasant world.