Week in Pop: BSKi, The Ruby Suns, Tunabunny

Sjimon Gompers

Behind & beyond the celebrity masquerades with your heroes Tunabunny; photographed by Jennie Cain.

Rose Hotel

Jordan Reynolds, aka Rose Hotel; photographed by Jennie Fowler.

From Bowling Green, Kentucky & soon by way of Atlanta, Georgia; meet Rose Hotel, aka Jordan Reynolds who pens earnest Americana pop that sweeps like rolling valley pastoral with a soaring feeling of flight. Reynolds’ arranges sounds that stem from inspired chamber song sketches that sprawl like thoughts let outside to play in the vast outdoors of infinite discovery. With a touch of twang & a whole lotta heart; Jordan guides us to the world of Rose Hotel where rose-tinted visions are traded for perspectives of truths that arrive like epiphanies that illustrate situations & sentiments for what they truly are.

“Honestly” goes through all the various ways love can surprise, enamor, as well as disenchant. Rose Hotel takes those situations & connections from temporal bonds & explores the various components that comprise the complicated composites of what relationships are made of. Reynolds’ rhythms rely upon the acoustic strums that egg on everything from brass horns to the country tinged elements that ultimately make the song worthy of being placed in a dramatic cinema sequence. Jordan allows the audience to listen to a privy song that underscores the shrug & snub of what happens when you don’t feel the same requited feelings for another in a manner that is evocative & elating. Rose Hotel digs up paradigms from the past as a way to tackle notions of truth head-on in a way that pulls no punches & does not mince words while illustrating a panoramic approach to pop song construction.

Jordan Reynolds, aka Rose Hotel, penned the following introduction to the new single:

“Honestly” was a song that came to me all at once. I had been playing the guitar at home one night when a melody came to mind and I started humming. Almost immediately, I thought of some lyrics and started writing them down as quickly as I could. It probably took less than an hour to finish the bones of the song. It was a rare time when I was able to channel my emotions into the music and just be truthful, without over-thinking any element. I decided to call the song “honestly”, because writing this song was a way for me take an honest look at a situation that I had been in, and admit to myself how I actually felt.

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