Wooter "Basement Kid"

Post Author: Joseph Anthony Evans

The holidays are inching closer, and today is the best time to hear another single from the man who does it all. The music monarch and master producer has presented us with another one of his Sunday inspirations. His name is Rowan Brind and he’s always picked up music in a natural way, as far as this year goes, each album has its own unique inspiration. He will be working very hard to release each song individually every Sunday until the end of the year.

Wooter speaks to us about “Basement” below,
“This is my favorite jam right here. It just keeps you knockin’ your head. It’s sort of from the perspective of a kid hermit-crabbed away in the basement, waiting for the world to calm down and yet wanting to save it at the same time. There’s a bit of a parallel to myself there, and to all of us I think in some way.”
The track “Basement Kid” definitely has many distinctive concepts within the song that we can all groove and tap our feet to. We can all relate with Rowans lyrics as he tries to find a sense of relaxation within his own world.