Screaming Females' Marissa Paternoster at Test Patterns 2 by Hatnim Lee.

Members of Golden Triangle at <a href=””>Test Patterns 1</a> by Joe Perez.

Dan Deacon at <a href=””>Brooklyn vs. Baltimore</a> by Joe Perez.

<a href=”–grab-the-bat-killer-“>Lionshare</a> at Death by Audio by Stephanie Andreanas.

<a href=”″>Eugene Mirman</a>, by Hatnim Lee.

<a href=””>King Khan</a> performing with the Shrines at SxSW by Hatnim Lee.

<a href=””>Ian Brown</a> of the Black Lips by Hatnim Lee.

<a href=””>The Coathangers</a> at SxSW by Hatnim Lee.

Les Savy Fav’s <a href=”–the-mae”>Tim Harrington</a> at Noise Pop, by Matt Kowal.

Gang Gang Dance’s <a href=”″>Lizzi Bougatsos</a> at The WBAR Bar-B-Q by Nate Dorr.

<a href=”–necking–tussle–jef”>Brian Chippendale</a> performs as Black Pus at Death by Audio by Nate Dorr.

Mike Sniper a.k.a Blank Dogs at <a href=”″>Test Patterns 3</a> by Joe Perez.

<a href=”“>Whartscape 2009, Saturday night</a> by Joe Perez.

<a href=”–fiasco–pictureplane-in”>John Famiglietti of Health</a> in North Carolina, by Hatnim Lee.

<a href=”“>Smarts at Whartscape 2009</a>.

Josh Kelberman pantomimes a Dan Deacon monologue at <a href=””>Whartscape 2009, Friday night</a>. Photo by Nate Dorr.

Dan Deacon’s full touring ensemble on the road, <a href=””>shot by the band</a>.

Lucky Dragons’ Luke Fischbeck at <a href=””>the Sculpture Center in Long Island City</a> by Nate Dorr.

<a href=””>USAisamonster</a> pose after their last performance ever. Photo by Joe Perez.

<a href=”“>Nicole Schneit</a> of Air Waves and friend, at the Underwater Peoples showcase at Market Hotel, by Karen Aragon.

<a href=””>Andy Borsz of Slasher Risk</a> at Death by Audio, by Nate Dorr.

<a href=”″>Del the Funky Homosapien</a> pumps before performing at a Jelly Pool Party, by Sahara Shrestha.

<a href=””>Takada Masako of Nisennenmondai</a>, shot by the band.

<a href=”″>Jay-Z at All Points West</a>, photo by Will Deitz.

Edan Wilbur at the <a href=””>Death by Audio maze installation</a>.

Graffiti Monster’s Mark Denardo at <a href=”″>Test Patterns 8</a> by Sarahana.

<a href=””>Titus Andronicus’ Patrick Stickles</a>, photo by Peter Feigenbaum.

<a href=””>Psychic Ills’ Elizabeth Hart</a> at Impose’s Party with Tables at the Brooklyn Yard by Nate Dorr.

Jeff the Brotherhood’s Jake Orrall at <a href=””>The Imposition night four</a> by Nate Dorr.

<a href=””>Kathmandu punk</a> by Anya Vaverko.

<a href=””>Smith Westerns’ Cullen Omori</a> at Imposition night 3, by Nate Dorr.

Future Islands’ Sam Herring <a href=”–graffiti-monste”>at Market Hotel</a> by Joe Perez.

<a href=””>Eric Copeland</a> at Market Hotel by Erez Avissar.

<a href=””>Juiceboxxx at Cake Shop</a>, by Joe Perez.

Dancing with the Dead at <a href=””>Tortugas in Yosemite National Park</a> by Julia Marino.

<a href=””>Fucked Up at the Masonic Temple</a> by Joe Perez.

<a href=””>Vice Halloween party</a> by Erez Avissar.

<a href=””>A Sunny Day in Glasgow’s Jen Goma</a> at Le Poisson Rouge, by Rachel Ceretto.

<a href=””>Mr. F.A.B.</a> backstage, by Venia Photo.


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