Day 1, with Acid Mothers Temple, Coathangers, Soho Riots

Post Author: , Joe Perez

This was the day that started four hours late after a generator failed the night before. It was day when the trickle of stragglers from the north made it down from Austin off the broken festival bus system.

Impose rented a car cheaply from San Antonio and got there before the festival started. We suffered no travel woes, and started at the very beginning on Saturday, entering into the quasi-barren gravel turf expanse that sometimes hosts 6,000 person raves. Tents came late. Everything was late. The sun was sinking. But then Adventure’s auroral blasts of meterless Moog and laptop samples and warbling loops crept into the landscape, and the power of anticipation for the festival and the supple textures of his music became intertwined.

Teen Girl Fantasy and Videohippos and Wet Hair all followed suit with their various strains of psychedelic-hued electronic palettes, offering up variations on the same euphoric space-filling sonic energy, conjuring up positive music that robustly filled a festival ground that was never going to be packed with bodies.

In the meantime, Quiero Club offered pitch-perfect renditions of their exuberant synth pop, Soho Riots breezy, infectious effects pedal washes seemed to usher in the rising winds, and at the end of the night, Acid Mothers Temple blasted through walls of pentatonic cement, sending shards of dusty guitar carnage across the 2am Monterrey skyline.

Acid Mothers Temple sent shards of dusty guitar carnage across the 2am Monterrey skyline.