steel tipped dove

Week in Pop: Ess Ford, Janice, Terri Terri

Ditches, Scallops Hotel, Warpark, guest selections by phem.

Steel Tipped Dove, try another thing, for instance beat tape

Beyond the pale of instrumental hip hop.

YC The Cynic is now Kemba

Saying goodbye with a new single featuring Mr. MFN eXquire.

Tone Tank, One-Offs & One-Upmanships

A hefty collection of working class rap.

Steel Tipped Dove, “Who’s in Charge” (feat. Kool A.D. & Safe)

Another flawless track from the Brooklyn-based producer.

Open Mike Eagle “Dark Comedy” album release show at Spike Hill

Our favorite rapper of 2013 performed with some of our other favorite rappers & comedians.

PremRock, “Lens”

Announcing his A Clean, Well-Lighted Place album out mid-April.

Lakutis, Three Seashells

Dropped without warning.

Big Baby Gandhi, Debut

The bittersweet victory rap to a short-lived rap career.

Stream: Armand Hammer, Race Music

The full length collaboration between billy woods and Elucid.

Armand Hammer, “Shark Fin Soup”

LL Cool J had a shark fin hat. Armand Hammer eat the predator in soup.

billy woods & Elucid are Armand Hammer

Half Measures is good enough to be the album.

Milo, billy woods, PremRock and more at Spike Hill

We were surprised to learn that this show was Milo's first trip ever to New York.

Steel Tipped Dove's & A Whole Bunch Of Crazy Motherfuckers 1

NYC-based producer enlists crazy mo-fos like Open Mike Eagle, Big Baby Gandhi, and Lakutis.

Isaiah Toothtaker, “Midnight”

Not exactly "The Genesis" we expected from a record called Illmatic 2.

steel tipped dove

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