Open Mike Eagle “Dark Comedy” album release show at Spike Hill

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Los Angeles rapper Open Mike Eagle celebrated the release of his latest album, Dark Comedy, with a variety show at Brooklyn's Spike Hill on Wednesday, June 18th. The event began with a DJ set by Open Mike Eagle himself plus performances of older songs like “The Processional” and “Password.” The show also featured sets by musicians and comedians such as Steel Tipped Dove (who was joined by Baje One and downswayze), PremRock (who was backed by Willie Green), Janelle James, MC Paul Barman, billy woods (who performed “Frozen Sunlight” with Open Mike Eagle), Donwill of Tanya Morgan (Von Pea of the group was also on stage as well), MC Frontalot (who told a bedtime story while wearing pajamas), Louis Katz, and Open Mike Eagle performed songs songs from Dark Comedy live, ending with “Doug Stamper (Advice Raps)” that featured a special, previously unannounced guest, Hannibal Buress. In between acts, OME conducted short interviews with each performer.

Our favorite rapper of 2013 performed with some of our other favorite rappers & comedians.