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Black Pus, Buck Gooter, Finished, and Albert DeMuth at Aurora

Shot on self-processed, medium-format film.

Wreak, SIRE, xHostageX, Your Enemy, and more at The Back Gate to the Blood House

A pre-Halloween show in Providence, RI took place behind a blood house, of course.

Muslin, Profligate, Boy Harsher, Unicorn Hard-On, and Teenage Sarcophagus at Thee Eldritch

Boy Harsher, formerly of Savannah, GA and now residing in Western Mass, performed in Providence, RI last week.

Guerilla Toss, Buck Gooter, (New England Patriots), and Finished at AS220

Guerilla Toss headline an excellent show in Providence, RI during a holiday weekend.

Lydia Lunch Retrovirus, Whore Paint, and Trophy Knife at Machines With Magnets

Lydia Lunch’s album, Retrovirus, was recorded at a live performance in Brooklyn at the end of 2012.

Humanbeast, Taboo, Sire, and Timeghost at Aurora

Providence, RI’s Humanbeast performs a show in their hometown.

Child Abuse, Seabrook Power Plant, Matt Nelson, and Windhorse at Silent Barn

Brooklyn’s Child Abuse performed at Silent Barn last week.

The Sediment Club, Show Me The Body, Taxidermists, and Dog Hospice at Funky Jungle

Sediment Club plays a basement show in Providence with Show Me The Body and others.

Buck Gooter, Power Masters, Cheri Love, and Atlaratla at Red Room

We spent the Saturday after Christmas at the Red Room in Providence with Buck Gooter, Power Masters and more.


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