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Playing With Headphones

Where gaming and music collide.

Tica Douglas falls in between

On Joey, gender confusion, and inherent queerness in music.

Jordaan Mason: Talking Formless & Free

On language, lyrics, and queer utopia.

Moritat Make The Best Mistakes

Never perfect, always worth it.

Girlpool, Girlpool EP

Unvarnished vitality and no drummer keep Girlpool’s EP unhinged.

Patterns from the outside: an interview with Grouper

With her tenth album, Liz Harris is observing from a stripped perspective.

Pharmakon, Bestial Burden

Margaret Chardiet’s second album as Pharmakon explores the disease within.

Chris Weisman, “Working On My Skateboarding”

An artifact from ’09 from the former Happy Birthday member.

Glass Ghost, LYFE

Krimsky’s latest can’t be cast aside as the Brooklyn of now, but it’s also not breaking molds.

Incubated in the Feel Trip with YAWN

The Chicago band tells its story of living in Disturbed’s DIY studio/venue.

Mouth Singularity: Neil Cicierega’s Context Collapse

Between Girl Talk’s clubby mashups and Daniel Lopatin’s ambient, is a laughing cam girl.

Jerry Paper, “Chameleon World”

Step inside for an interview about the Chameleon World video game.

Merchandise, After The End

Merchandise might seem pop-ready on paper, but After The End sustains a deep tension.

South London in Slow Motion: Kate Tempest’s Narrative

The British artist talks weaving stories through the city and the intersection of life and art.

OOIOO, Gamel

On Gamel, OOIOO use the gamelan to probe the limits of body music in a nuclear age of cyborgs.

Panic Dancing: Deep Space, Deserts, and Verma

Spanning dimensions and coiling elegantly with the Chicago band.

Emperor X, “H.M.S. Blank Mediterranean”

From an album written in Berlin, romanticizing the state of Florida.

Nausea – Craft Spells

It's an album of not-knowing, and that's fine, but sometimes we want an answer.

Chill/Unchill: Blackbird Blackbird's Harmony in Opposites

Mikey Maramag's west coast bedroom project has taken flight.


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