ABRA, Princess

Emily Chu

ABRA, Princess [True Panther / Awful Records]

Self-proclaimed “Darkwave Duchess” ABRA has recently dropped her latest EP, Princess. London raised but now Atlanta based, this emerging artist is not to be confused with rare Pokémon or the pop legends, ABBA. FADER has just named her one of the “21 Rappers To Be Excited About Right Now,” and even though she’s mainly a singer/songwriter/producer, that just makes the praise even more impressive. Her EP, Princess, is made up of 6 unique songs and we’ve got some thoughts.

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The first track on Princess is “Come 4 Me”. It’s the shortest song on the EP – only a minute and 2 seconds long, leaving listeners wanting more. ABRA’s vocals are exposed and have a raw quality to it, as the instrumentals that dance from one ear to the other in the background.

The next song is “Vegas”. This track has a more electronic sound than the first, and the electronic components seem to bounce off each other. The instrumentals are short and concise while her vocals drag and have a muddled quality, they meld from one word into the next, creating an interesting and captivating juxtaposition. The song slowly builds up momentum until the very end and is electric and energetic.

The 3rd track off of the EP is “Crybaby”. This song is more fast paced than the previous. It also seems more emotional, while still maintaining an upbeat and light sound. Her vocals seem almost panicky in the song, as she sings, “you’re calling me a crybaby, but you’re making me cry.”  Over all, intentional or not, I think this track has a cool slight of 90’s feel in instrumentals.

“Big Boi” is the next track. This one slows things down a notch. ABRA raps the entire song, talking about very relatable matters, such as deflecting guys and their expectations. She talks about boys “flexin’ your position but I’m not a fucking fan” YES GIRL YES. I’m a fan of you.

The 5th song off of Princess is “Pull Up”. This track is full of clean harmonies, and super catchy triplets. ABRA has a somewhat transparent voice in this tune, and a basic electronic beat behind her – almost minimalist with no extra distractions, creating a crisp, refreshing song.

The very last track of the EP is “Thinking of U”. This final song is more lyrical than the rest, especially in the beginning. With a ton of syncopated rhythms, shimmering instrumentals, and a deep bass, you can hear the longing in her voice as she sings, “I’m only thinking of you…”

Tour Dates
7/22 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Yalta Club – TICKETS
7/28 – Atlanta, GA – Masquerade – TICKETS
7/30 – New York, NY – Rough Trade – TICKETS
8/3 – Los Angeles, CA – Resident – TICKETS

ABRA’s PRINCESS EP is out on True Panther / Awful Records

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