Abram Shook, Love at Low Speed

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

Abram Shook’s third studio album Love at Low Speed, dropping on June 16, 2017, is a set of songs that could have easily been his fourth studio effort.  Shook also wrote another specific collection at the same time entitled Love in the Age of Excess.  He instead decided to release the more personal of the two albums first.
Shook elaborates, “I avoided the subject of love in the past because I thought it was a cliched, overwrought topic. What else could I really add to the canon? Writing the album directly coincided with some pretty big changes in my life, mainly the ending of an 11 year relationship.”
Love at Low Speed is an album you can listen to start to finish, and on a second listen, hear something completely different. Shook’s carefully crafted lyrics and multilayered instrumentals aren’t cloying, but rather draw you slowly in.  Produced by Abram Shook, Christopher Cox and Grant Johnson, and mixed by Noah Georgeson, you can feel the different genres and world music that influenced the outcome.
“The Hours” is a song that directly address regret: “too young to die old, too old to get ahead”, but the tune makes it feel more rueful that regretful.  “Lies” has a Prince-like vibe – both in voice character and tune.  It’s a fun song that makes you chair dance.  A personal favorite is “Quiet Side”.  Abram Shook’s voice is at its’ sweetest and is the ideal cap for the whole project.  Love At Low Speed will be a welcome addition to your summer playlist.
Love At Low Speed will be celebrated at an album release party Saturday, June 24  at 9:00 pm at the Mohawk in Austin.
Track List:

  1. The Hours
  2. Eventually
  3. Lies
  4. Divinity
  5. Red Lines
  6. Machinery
  7. No Return
  8. Device
  9. Lisbon
  10. Quiet Side

Love at Low Speed is available for preorder now.