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Deathlist, s/t [XRAY]

Today, extraordinarily talented multi-instrumentalist Deathlist (Jenny Logan) releases her debut s/t LP. This release marks a very big step in her career, as her past provided unimaginably difficult circumstances in which to harness her passion. To give a little bit of context, she was forbidden to speak at age 13 and lived in silence for an entire year before escaping her home in California to move to New York. She has spent years touring and working with other acts (My Teenage Stride, Mortals, World Atlas, Ribbons, Summer Cannibals), and now it’s her turn to shine.

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And boy does she shine.

The 10-track s/t is fueled by hard, intense guitar chords and Logan’s deep, raw, Cobain-esque vocals. The instrumentals are hard-hitting, with striking percussion and reverb that almost brings the songs to a dark and mysterious place all on its own. First track “Wait” is notable for crashing cymbals that seem to steer the vibe, while lighter guitar work brings “Dream Of” out of its dark, murky waters every so often. But those waters are what we have come to expect from Logan, as the name of her project alone would suggest nothing different. Just when we begin to think that “IRL” might be our favorite track on the album, “Not the Same” follows and shatters our track loyalty into tiny pieces.

I want to break down every song for you, but I’ve been enveloped into this dark, Tim Burton world of sound. And while, at first listen, this album seems to have had the capacity to drown in, it actually provides a very unique soundscape for days when you need a little more “oomph” in your ears. Less pep, more assertiveness. s/t is the musical equivalent of a powerful, captivating human who won’t take shit from anyone. And – with everything Logan has been through to get to where she is – I’d even say this album is a pretty accurate and thrilling representation of her.

s/t is available via XRAY.

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