Kadhja Bonet, The Visitor

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Los Angeles’ Kadhja Bonet has been experiencing so much success with the music on her debut EP The Visitor that she decided to run a re-release. Now available on Fat Possum records, our ears were quite taken aback by the warmth that seemed to emanate from the speakers when casually enjoying the album so, of course, we had to write about it.

“Earth Birth”, the intro to the EP, adequately serves as a twinkling introduction to what is to come. It has been composed to sound like the background music to an epic birth, something we assume is akin to Kadhja Bonet’s official bio. “Honeycomb” takes a different approach, sounding more like a jam from the 60’s, while “Fairweather Friend” calls to the forefront a sore subject for many people. “The Visitor” sounds more like a fairytale in its composition, the initial strings setting the tone for what feels like a vintage movie. This is only enhanced by the fact that Kadhja’s voice sounds like an otherworldly lounge singer from a different time.

Track five is titled “Gramma Honey” and we’re not quite sure what to think with a name like that, but its slow progression is timeless and intriguing. “Portrait of Tracy” consists of whole lines that sound as though they should be part of an intricate, old Disney movie, while the light percussion taps at our hearts as we swing our hips to the music. “Nobody Other” is a sure fire love song, with such a delicate disposition that we’re afraid it might break while we’re listening to it. “Francisco” rounds out the EP quite nicely, once again with vintage appeal and a nostalgia to its composition, allowing Kadhja to adequately display her full range of vocals.

This is an album that transcends generations, and it’s certainly something that you will enjoy from beginning to end, pausing only to flip the vinyl on your record player.

The Visitor is available now via Fat Possum.