Kidsmoke, Save Your Sorrow

Post Author: Emily Chu

Kidsmoke was formed back in 2013, a 4 piece band from North Wales that you’re about to fall in love with if you haven’t already. This indie pop band has gained popularity in the UK, and they’ve been busy recording songs for their new EP, which drops on June 9th. The EP is called Save Your Sorrow, and we got to listen to it before it comes out. Here’s what we think.
The first track on the EP is called “See The World.” It’s an upbeat song filled with light harmonies and a classic and catchy drum and guitar line. It’s a carefree summer jam that’ll definitely put you in a good mood and forget your worries.
The next song is “And Mine Alone,” which is a single that they released on April 26th. It’s about the same tempo as the first track, but with more of a guitar presence. This track feels more mellow, with the tap of the tambourine to keep time. It’s laid back, but with a more loving and emotional undertone as they sing of holding a loved one in their arms and loving only them.
“Waves” is the 3rd track on Save Your Sorrow. This song slows things way down. It’s more of a slow ballad — the instrumentals are simple. The guitar is front and center in the beginning, with beautiful harmonies shining through. The tempo picks up, and the intensity builds through the entire track, into a perfect resolution.
The 4th song on the EP is called “Anna.” This track feels more hypnotic than the rest, with quirky chords that take you back into the past. The syncopation in the drums is so catchy, and drives the entire song forward.
“Seabirds” is the final song on this EP. This slows things down a little bit once again, and the vocals seem more gentle in this track. It’s the most unique song in this EP, and feels more emotional than the rest. The vocals blend together flawlessly, and no element overpowers the other. We’re big fans of this one.
Check out the EP for yourself below.

Celebrate Save Your Sorrow at the EP launch on June 9th. Information is available here.