Was Dead – King Tuff

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The cross pollination between the very similar genres of punk and power pop have yielded some interesting results in the last few years.

The Electric Shadows from Brooklyn and Apache from the East Bay are a couple of examples of the new generation of power pop groups that can trace their lineage to the Big Star and The Raspberries through late 70’s punk bands like The Boys and The Dictators.

Now, from the unlikely setting of Battleboro, Vermont comes the mutant baby of an already muddled category and he goes under the moniker of King Tuff.

His dark, lo-fi version of an often polished and sometimes sunny style is a welcomed surprise and this batch of songs has a unsure swagger to them no doubt gained from drinking countless cans of cheap beer in the back of a car before recording.

Whatever the method to King Tuffs madness, he has somehow taken a somewhat tired school of rock and given it a new twist.