Burnt Palms, “Isolation”

Street light selfies at 3 a.m. in the morning.

Stream Charlie Bird's Cactus Milk EP

Ojai iPhone recorded odes like "Horizontal Flipphone" & more.

West Coast Tour: Surf Club, Cities Aviv, Weekend

Cruising California together from March 20 to 23.

Pregnant, “FOREHEAD” (feat. Evelyn Quijas & Sean Ongley)

The latest version of Daniel Trudeau's project may be his best yet.

The audacity of Audacity

Their new Suicide Squeeze album Butter Knife, & the Fullerton review from Kyle Gibson.

Premiere: Pagiins, “Open Up Your Mind”

Open up your eyes, and open up the front door, with Arkansas' own enlightened punk.

Crossbill Records

The Davis, CA based indie folk label with an owner who can still dunk in his 30s.

Premiere: Cobalt Cranes, “Head In The Clouds”

Live a wanderers hitchhiking dream and hop in that convertible.

Suspect's debut for free download

You are Suspect: the future of California Hardcore

Premiere: Night Hikes, “Dream Canyon”

Oh' the places a skeleton folk singer will go.

House Paint, “All The Way”

Luke Namee of Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk goes solo at length.

Cashius Green, “Mona Lisa” (NSFW)

Holy smokes, he's right. Mona Lisa doesn't have eyebrows.

Healthy or Hungover #7

Getting lost in the LA vibes with super healthy and colorful Quinoa Salad (and Bulleit Rye).

Teenage Sweater, “Coconut Water”

The mechanized drums are the island where you can find a waterfall of synths.

Talking to Family Time Records

Never Waking Up talks up Family Time Records.


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